It's a pixel. is a digital education company specializing in cybersecurity awareness.
Humans with phones and email addresses are the number one target for attacks – Let's change that!

Our approach includes immersive narratives and mini-games to reinforce the learning process. This platform is designed to enhance the cybersecurity knowledge of various demographics, including employers, employees, teachers, and students, thereby helping organizations and individuals safeguard against cyber threats — while maintaining personal and brand integrity.

What if you could be trained once...

...and take that certification with you, to any school, and from any job to every job?

We see a disconnect between education and employment. Cybersecurity is one of few subjects that is everyones job to know – yet schools do not have it as part of their curriculum, startups have other priorities, and corporations have to create shareholder value before anything else.

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Lesson #1:

Hackers don't

They log-in!

So how do they log-in?
Let's imagine a game:

Villagers vs Werewolves

The players are divided into two main groups: the villagers and the werewolves.

The villagers do not know the werewolves' identities, but the werewolves know each other.

The game alternates between night and day phases.

During the night phase:
• The werewolves secretly choose a villager to eliminate.

During the day phase:
• The entire group, including the werewolves (who pretend to be villagers), discuss who they suspect is a werewolf.
• At the end of the discussion, they vote to eliminate someone they suspect might be a werewolf.

The game continues until all the werewolves are eliminated (victory for the villagers) or the werewolves outnumber the villagers (victory for the werewolves).

Spoiler alert!

The werewolves
always win!

So what's the point?

An information battle will be lost by an uninformed majority over an informed minority.

Employers, employees, teachers, and students will all lose the ablity to protect themselves and each other, as long as there is just one entity that knows more than them.

So how do we protect ourselves?

Watch videos and play games!

It's a pixel. is working with the police to interrogate a real life hacker, who goes by the alias Thomas Landerson!

As Mr. Landerson confesses to his crimes, he will walk us through how he committed them. Athena is our consultant, she dumbs down these attacks so the police can understand what he is talking about. Athena brought her laptop with her, so you can engage in games and challenges that re-enact similar scenarios and prove that you understand how these attacks progress.

It's a pixel. is working with the police to interrogate a real life hacker, who goes by the alias Thomas Landerson!

Rometh hangs out in cyber"space" and gives more of an overview and philosophical understanding of the dilemmas that ripple across our digital landscape.

When we enjoy learning, we retain knowledge! When we retain knowledge, we acutually use it — in this case, to keep everyone safe!

Simple enough to teach our youth

Complex enough to save your business!

Progress Dashboard

Employers and Teachers get a dashboard of their participants. They can use this to encourage completion and also gain confidence in the form of an integrety score.

It's a pixel. Admin Dashboard

We all learn to drive!

We learn the rules of the road, how to use our turn signals, when to run a yellow light ;-)

Yet most of us do not have the equivalent knowledge of securing an application.

It's not until we learn how to authenticate properly,
that we will be able to protect ourselves and others!


David, he is 63yrs young...

... he was employed years before Facebook was even invented – when cybersecurity training wasn't even a thing!

He is not ready to retire – he has a wife and kids to support!

I'm not an old dog; I can learn new tricks!

It's a pixel. David

David you are a great example of someone that has been in the workforce for a long time and has seen the evolution of technology. Not to worry, we are here to help!

By upskilling current staff in cybersecurity, companies not only save on hiring costs but also improve retention and return on investment.

Training existing employees leverages their company-specific knowledge, which can be much more valuable than hiring externally!


Michelle, she is 32yrs young...

... she is a high school teacher and understands that passwords are protected by math!

She would like to take a few hours and introduce her students to the very basics of crytography, not the complex maths, just the foundation on which it is build!

My chalkboard is the most boring device these kids have every seen!

It's a pixel. Michelle

Hey Michelle, we've got you covered! Your students all have phones or computer access, right? Send us a DM, and we'll set you up with a sweet little app where they can discover the basics of digital security. It’s not only fun but also educational. They'll learn how to safeguard their information and, as a bonus, we'll certify them. This way, they can demonstrate to future employers their knowledge in protecting corporate data!

Many students are graduating without the essential digital security skills required for life in a digital world.

Basic knowledge of digital security should be a requirement for even a high school diploma. A lack of education in this realm, highlights a significant mismatch between academic preparation and industry demands!


Damian, he is 26yrs young...

... he is a new hire, and just cost his company a quarter million dollars – to recover encrypted data!

4 years of studying and a single click infected a whole network!

150k on an education and I'll never work again!

It's a pixel. Damian

Hey Damian, so sorry to hear about that! It is crazy how malicious those links can be. There are ways to check them if you are unsure... We know you must be sick of studying but our program can teach you how. It's kinda like Bandersnatch meets Nintendo – we think it's pretty cool!

A lot of companies are using our training program, if you complete it on your own, you can just add your company's email when you get a new job and you won't have to do the training twice. You can actually use our certification for the rest of your life, at every organization that also uses our program! ... Just a thought??

"Employees’ primary complaint about security awareness training is that the content is boring, so they find it difficult to stay engaged with lessons." Mimecast Whitepaper: Teaching Good Security Behaviors with Seinfeld

Our goal at It's a pixel. is to make learning fun and engaging. With this strategy, we can help you retain the information and apply it in real-world scenarios!


Sarah, she is 18yrs young...

... she graduated with honours and was captain of her school's vollyball team!

Why can't she keep her photos safe?

What do you mean "They are everywhere!"?

It's a pixel. Sarah

Sarah we are so sorry to hear about what happened! You are still young, and shouldn't have to fear technology. Let us show you how you can protect yourself and keep your personal infomation safe... Our hearts go out to you!

Leaked or exposed photos can harm a person's reputation, personal relationships, educational opportunities, and professional prospects.

Victims often experience significant emotional trauma, like feelings of violation, fear, and helplessness. This can lead to anxiety, depression, PTSD ... or worse.

Isn't it time to provide our youth with the tools to protect themselves?


Assem, he is sad...

... he has no employee to blaim – because they got access through his own account!

They want $HOW MUCH$ to decrypt it?

It's a pixel. Assem

Ohh no, Assem! You have know idea how common this is! Being a business owner means that you have access to everything – this makes you the #1 target for bad actors.

We have sent you an email giving you early access to our Incident Handling course, this isn't meant for students/employees so it's not that much fun, but at least you won't be left in the dark!



Assem It's a pixel.

Thank-you, so much! My heart is in my stomach right now... Just so you know, I don't blaim you! Full-discloser: I did not complete the courses myself – thought they were for my employees! :-/

Thanks for the access!! #FML

If cybercrime were a country

It would have the 3rd largest
economy on the planet!

Risk of a cyber attack
Probability of a cyber attack
Damage caused by a cyber attack

The cost of training to reduce the probability can exceed 100k/yr... and is typically boring AF!

It's a pixel. is here to change that!

We only remember about 5% of the information we receive in a day.
The memories that stick with us are ones that are wrapped around an experience!

Let It's a pixel. tell a story,
the experience will increases retention exponentially!

It's a pixel. is
designed to help all industries,

but here is a list of a few that are targeted by major cyber attacks:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Federal Governments
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Legal & Professional
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Oil Facilities
  • Telecom Companies
  • Retail

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... just the start of a Minimum Viable Product to showcase how we believe digital education should be taught.

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